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Welcome to the wonderful world of Jeanique. This is where one of a kind will take you to a whole new level!

Jeanique is designed and created by South African artist Jean Houndsome.
Her unique designs are inspired by her love for decorative painting and unusual artistic pieces.

Jeanique is a line of acrylic jewelry which consist of bracelets and necklaces. These pieces are all hand molded from a form of acrylic. There is a heating and hand sculpting process involved. Pieces are cut, layered, heated, textured and sculpted by hand. All bracelets are molded directly around her wrist, one by one, which cause them to fit extremely comfortable. From there they go into a “magic” machine where the pieces come to a set, but remain flexible. Once set, all pieces are hand painted with a paint brush. It has NO prior color. First, a black base coat is applied. There after, all pieces are delicately hand painted in layers and layers of rich beautiful colors, which are sure to be a treat to your eyes. The most amazing thing …..they are soooo deceiving. Looks like metal or copper, but they are not only flexible, comfortable and one of a kind, but amazingly weigh less than two ounces!! (or 60g)

So go ahead,treat yourself ….. and step into a whole new world of wearable art!

Be sure to read the News Page. IT has the Artist Festival show schedule and where you can experience these beautiful one of a kind pieces first hand!