Decoding The Spiritual Significance Of African Hand-Made Animal Print Cuff Bracelets

Traditional African jewelry often consisted of distinct animal patterns along with seemingly meaningless symbols. However, both hold spiritual meanings in African cultures and traditions. Different types of African handmade animal print cuff bracelets come in a whole lot of shapes and patterns that are inspired by or exactly copied from the patterns that are naturally found on the coats of several animals. And depending on the kind of animal that is mimicked on the cuff bracelets, their spiritual value can be understood.

The lion, for instance, stands for valor and strength but due to the lack of any patterns on its coat, only its color can be seen as depicting those meanings. In case of other wild animals with distinct coat patterns, the bracelets are often linked with the very nature of those beasts.

  • Leopard printed bracelets are a highly revered element of African tradition, thanks to its connection to the qualities of agility, ferocity and mystery.
  • The zebra print is a symbol of freedom, unity and friendship. So, if you wish to strengthen your bond with your best friend, a zebra printed handmade cuff bracelet could be the ideal gift!
  • Giraffe prints can be linked with achievement and success while anything resembling a crocodile would be a symbol of protection because the animal is regarded as sacred.

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