My first blog!

Hello to all and welcome to my very first blog.
I feel very “fancy schmansy” now!
I recently got a brand new website and I was told I need to have a blog! It helps to drive more traffic! Whaaaat? Who in the world has time for all that!
Especially if you are a one-woman-travelling band, or at times, circus, like me!
So, i guess now I’m going to try this blog “fingy”…
So, I’m just warning you all…”I’m no Vogue fashion writer..
Sometimes, I will start a sentence with “and”, or “because” or maybe even Chinese letters that I don’t understand, so don’t expect any kind of pretentiousness here…
I’m not going to pretend I have a masters degree in any sort of thing! Heck I’ve never even had an art class in my life…I’m 100% self taught!

However, what I hope to give you from my blogs, is an inside look at the world of an artist, as you may not have seen or heard before! Raw and uncut! The good, the bad and the ugly…and also at times, the AWESOME!
Thank goodness, the latter is the one that keeps me going! Because, it gets rough in this business and as I like to say: Even the women in this business have to have “balls” of steel, or you are not gonna make it darling!
So that next time, when you buy hand made art from an artist at an arts and craft show, or art show or fine art show (yes, they are all different to us), you will appreciate them so much more! For knowing a little more about the back end of our world and just how hard we work, our blood, sweat and tears, to put our hand made creations in a little 10×10 pop up tent at a show in front of our audience.
Here are a few pointers of what I will discuss in my upcoming blogs!
What it takes to get into a show
How far we travel to get to shows
The preparation it takes for a show
How weather can impact our world
The competitive side of this business
The ups and downs, etc etc etc, because , let’s face it, sometimes, you just can’t make this up!

So I hope in the coming months, you will join me, on this inside, behind the scenes journey of “life as an artist”, because no matter what, there is actually nothing else I’d rather be or do right now…
Well, except maybe drinking margaritas on my own private island, while getting a massage by a hunky Italian cabana boy, but that’s in my dreams…and my reality is paint paint paint!!

2 Responses to My first blog!

  1. My friend and I bought a Safari bracelet from you at the Cape Coral Art Show. I would like to get the necklace to match it. Can I send you a picture of the bracelet and then you could do the necklace to match? We will be at the Naples Art Show Downtown. Carolyn would like one too.
    Please just let me know what I need to do.

    Thank you

    • Hi Nancy,
      Please call me. I will be back in Naples later this month. I can absolutely make a matching necklace. You can pick up in Naples. Let’s do it. I hope you are around then. 😃 Jeanique

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